Project Type:

Serious Game, Web-based Training


The Civil Support Team Trainer (CSTT) combines advanced interactive training techniques with an immersive 3D simulation experience to provide the knowledge, skills and practice necessary to support the roles, responsibilities and tasks normally required of a Civil Support Team (CST). In support of this effort, the CSTT web-based courseware and simulations required an in-depth instructional systems analysis and the development of detailed design specifications.


Following the Army Research Institute’s “Structured Training” approach to learning and instructional theory, ILS designed instructionally sound training tools and strategies in the form of web-based courseware and scenario-based 3D desktop simulations. ILS also developed detailed storyboards for all modules in the curriculum. The SCORM-conformant architecture supports reusable content across all employee access levels, courses and curricula.

ILS Services:

Instructional design, storyboard development, SCORM design